A very old and interesting carved wooden female "Nommo" idol with hands to the sky in a Prayer for rain to the stars and various incised linear designs and a wonderfully abstract form with a deep well handled surface patina. One of the most interesting examples we have ever acquired.

From the Dogon peoples of Mali, West Africa.

This figure measures 19 inches tall ( 20.75 inches on custom wooden display stand).

According to the origin myths of the Dogon, the god Amma created four couples, the Nommos. Nommos are ancestral spirits that according to oral history came from a water planet near the star SIRIUS, traveling in an "Ark" that came down to earth from the heavens and taught the Dogon many secrests of the stars, including how to pray for rain by raising their hands towards the star sirius.  These "star" people are worshipped by the Dogon tribe of Mali.

The word Nommos is derived from a Dogon word meaning, "to make one drink". The Nommos are usually described as amphibious, hermaphroditic, fish-like creatures. They were bringers of culture to mankind. Nommos are often represented in the sculptural art of the Dogon, placed on altars and accorded ritual offerings.


A Very Fine Old Dogon Nommo Idol

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