This is a very fine and quite elegant example of a Madura island Jodang, or Wedding container.  In Indonesia these chests are called “Jodang” and were traditionally used to store and transport the bride’s possessions. Often erroneously referred to as “dowry chests” but Indonesia (unlike India) does not have a tradition of dowry or bride prices for women. Hand crafted from solid teak wood, this wedding chest has beautiful, intricate carvings throughout, all hand painted and lovely detail on posts and legs. Completely original.  Top flips up on both sides for interior storage. The top “crown” piece features horseman and seated lords and ladies.
 This Chest was collected in the early 1980's by a Diplomats wife who Lived in Java for 8 years while he was stationed there.  I have had the pleasure of selling a few of these over the last 25 years, and I have seen several on my travels through Indonesia, but I have never come across a finer made example.  A Treasure of Indonesian art and culture.
 Measures 29 x 33 x 16 inches.


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A Very Fine Old Madura Island Jodang Wedding Chest