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A monumental carved wooden janus "Epa" helmet mask with a tall maternity idol on top with painted designs.

According to Yoruba customs, to ensure the fertility and welfare of their community, they hold a three-day masquerade festival called EPA every other March. Traditionally worn by young men who prove their strength and agility in dance performances that include great leaps through the air.

The base of the mask (ikoko) is formed by two archaic faces. In contrast, the super-structures features the sweet and serene image of a mother and her children. Yoruba peoples, Nigeria, Africa.

The mask measures 42 x 13 inches tall.

*Provenance: Pierre Vérité gallery 1980.

***The mask purchase will include the original Pierre Vérité gallery receipt.

A Yoruba Epa mask Ex Pierre Verite Gallery 1980

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