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A fine and large Kerewa spirit board (Titi Ebiha), Kerewa people, Goaribari Island; Gulf province Papua New Guinea. (C. First half 20th Century)Of classical form the large board with a typical Kerewa figure with large, rounded head, large eyes, and stick-figure like body. Signs of age and wear to the pigmented surface. A fine and rare example.Spirit boards of the Papuan Gulf were traditionally made in the Central and Eastern areas. They were routinely found in the Mens houses of the Kerewa, the peoples of the Era River and Wapo Creek, Purari delta areas and from the Urama river as far east as the Elema people.The boards were believed to be the abode of an Imunu, or spirit entity that is represented on the front, though the connection of the image to the spirt is not really a clear one-to-one depiction and the iconography is far more complex in nature. In each locale the ethnic name was different “ Titi Ebiha"  among the Kerewa, Gope among the peoples of the Era and Wapo areas. The Purari used both the terms Gope and Kwoi depending on their location while the Elema region called them Hohao. Stylistically the imagery also varied greatly, with the Kerewa often depicting entire figures while the neighboring peoples of the Era, Wapo and Purari reducing the forms to abstracted shapes.Many of the boards were cut from old war canoes, though in the Kerewa region many were simply made of flatter timber cut for the purpose.


Acquired by Marc Seidler from George Craig, C. 1980, Field collected by Craig prior to 1966. Measures 72 inches tall x 18 inches wide.


 This Gope Board is Very large and will haver to be shipped via Freight or local pick up.  Expect shipping cost to be around $600-$800.00

Large Kerewa Spirit Board Ex George Craig

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