Large Old Yena Sculpture Sepik River. A very rare old Washkuk, Yena Carving, Kwoma Washkuk, east Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea. Carved from a heavy dense wood and painted with mineral pigments. A supernaturally powerful food, yams cannot be eaten until the spirits responsible for their growth have been appropriately honored. The spirits are celebrated in a sequence of three ceremonies, yena, mindja, and noukwi. Each ceremony requires the creation of a specific type of figure. In this case we have a huge Yena Head, which would have been lavishly adorned and displayed atop a large basket-like structure containing part of the yam crop. Provenance: Field collected by John C. Edler, Indiana, 1980's.

The figure is quite heavy!  Size: 52'' x 13.5'' x 10.5'' (132 x 34 x 27 cm). Weight:19.8 lbs.


*** Local Pick up or we can assit you in arranging a third party shipper.

Large Old Yena Sculpture Field Collected by John Edler 1980s