This is a very rare pair of Lobedu figures from South Africa. 

"Balobedu - Ba Lobedu – Lovedu - Balovedu" A North Sotho Tribe. The Balobedu (Ba Lobedu - Ba gaModjadji) are a Bantu tribe of the Northern Sotho group, with strong affinities to the Venda, or Vhavhenda, to the north. They have their own kingdom, in the district of Balobedu - Limpopo Province - South Africa.


They were sold originally by Yann Ferrandin, the noted Paris Art dealer in 1990, then sold by Jacaranda Gallery in NYC (for $15,000.00)


  They were collected by a colonial district officer at the turn of the century, see attached documents.  They likely date to the late 19th century.


They are really pleasing examples of Form and as a matched set they display wonderfully.


 The set measures 23 inches tall x 12 inches wide.


 Asking $4500.00 shipping included.

Rare Pair of Lobedu Figures